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August 4, 2010

Refractory News: TFL Incorporated Gets Ready for Continued Growth in Precast Refractory Shape Technology

The use of pre-cast shape technology can greatly enhance the performance of refractory linings in your equipment. TFL is a leader in developing applications for pre-cast shapes. Even the greatest refractory material in the world can give poor performance in the field if adequate care is not taken to insure proper water addition, mixing, and initial bake out. As a major supplier of quality precast refractory shapes in the Gulf Coast region, TFL Inc. has enjoyed a substantial increase in sales and company growth with an innovative technique that is simplifying the jobs of plant maintenance managers, while reducing equipment downtime and repair costs.
Precast refractory shapes are enhancing performance and offering longer service life of refractory linings in equipment designed for industries such as aluminum, steel, power generation, and minerals processing.
The 12,000 square foot state of the art facility owned by TFL is equipped with an automated mixing station containing a digitally-controlled water meter, mix time alarm, and variable speed vibration tables -- ensuring the proper placement of refractory materials. After casting, the shapes are cured and fired to specification in a digitally-controlled furnace -- a crucial step often overlooked in field-installed linings.
"Our manufacturing facility is suited to build virtually any size precast refractory shape required, and all of our pieces are built to meet optimum performance goals. Our engineers work closely with plant managers and maintenance engineers to custom design their shapes," said TFL President Emory Laningham. "Precast shapes offer easy installation and shortened repair times. By isolating lining areas with the use of precast shapes, repairs can be confined to the worn area alone, eliminating costly and timely tear out," added Laningham.
TFL has been a supplier of industrial products to the Gulf Coast region since 1977, and was recently named the "Number One Distributor" for 2006 by Plibrico Company -- a world leader in monolithic refractories. TFL prides itself on being able to supply more than just "a bag of refractory." Among the many refractory-related services offered by TFL, they can provide infrared thermography, which is a process using an infrared camera and software to assist in monitoring the condition of refractory linings.
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Company Address:
TFL Inc.
14626 Chrisman
Houston, TX USA 77039
US 800-828-5002
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November 6, 2008

Refractories for Reheating Furnace

Reheating Furnaces are used for heating the intermediate products of steel like- ingots, blooms or billets at temperatures around 1000 - 12000C before rolling to give them different shapes of angles, channels, bars, slabs, rods & wires etc. The furnace is a chamber having inside refractory lining to conserve heat and generally includes a mechanism for transporting products continuously from one end to the other end. Heat for the furnace is provided by natural gas or fuel oil.

Reheating Furnace which is considered an accessory to the rolling mill is a critical factor in the quality of end-product. In view of saving energy, requirement of Refractories with low thermal conductivity are required particularly for Door, Heaters, Flue-stack and further, for Hearths these criteria are corrosion, abrasion & spalling resistances with good strength. For these purposes, dense low-iron, high-alumina or chrome-magnesia bricks are best suited for Hearth. The side-wall and roof are lined with high-grog alumino-silicate bricks. Precast / Prefired (PCPF) blocks can be used for Burner-block, Seating Well Block, Well Block as well as for Furnace Bottom, made of low-iron high-alumina dense refractories having excellent spalling & abrasion resistances. The advantage of using PCPF blocks is that they can save time for both installation & for drying/preheating inducing more availability of the furnace. In the event of choosing Precast / Prefired (PCPF) blocks one has to take care of the design of these blocks which should be such that one person can handle them. How to select Refractories area wise for Reheating Furnace lining?